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How to conceal acne scars & spots like a pro

Hello everyone,
Acne,acne,acne-it's the dreaded nemesis who loves to strike whenever it bloody well likes!Ohh what I would do to go back to those days of soft,clear,naturally 'airbrushed' skin before hitting puberty torture(ughhh).

Fear not though there are numerous super hero products out there that treat spots,so they're not semi-permanently tattooed onto your face for god knows how long whilst other products can stop them from being a huge stand out.Take for example:makeup but with that comes the questions...How do you use it?How do you apply it?How do you stop it from looking cakey?
1.The first step is to make sure you begin with skin that is clean and free from dirt,oil and any other impurities-think if it as a canvas,nothings really going to on flawlessly if your skins say is thick with sweat will it?

Complete whatever skincare routine you've established that you are most comfortable with!

If you would like some skincare recommendations here are a few I have tried + tested specifically targeted at spots:

Clean & Clear,Advantage spot control daily wash
Neutrogena,Pink Grapefruit facial wash(it's got the perfect morning wake me up scent)
Neutrogena,Oil-free moisturiser 
2.This is optional but if you want your face makeup to last(i.e in hot weather)then always apply primer.When I had really dry,dehydrated skin it was such a lifesaver because it reduced the 'I have put it on a disgusting,crusty sponge' look. 
A few months ago Collection launched an amazing primer enriched with witch hazel,which is a naturally anti-bacterial substance thats fantastic for treating spots.I haven't given it a go myself yet*mentally adds it onto wishlist*but have read reviews on it and it seems really good.

3.Ever heard of colour correcting?Chances are that if you have,you'll know that green is a great way to counteract redness.I love using the Natural Collection colour correcting stick,priced at a bargain £1.99 on my blemishes before applying any other face makeup.
4.A few may find they have particularly bad acne so prefer to wear a foundation of some kind to even out redness.I would recommend giving the thick,full coverage one a miss if you can help it because chances are,it will start blocking your pores and in return equal more spots(which is a total no,no of course!).
Instead,opt for a lighter BB cream so you can show off all the beautiful clear skin you already naturally have and focus on concealing all the acne.This technique will ensure that the cake face look can easily be avoided.

2.Hygiene is key.One way achieve this is by washing your brushes regularly;makeup brushes should be washed once a week at the minimum.

As for makeup on the other hand,try and buy the ones where you don't have to dip your finger/brush in constantly for every application or if you have the the liquidy ones with the doe-foot applicator,STOP putting it your blemish right away and put it on the back of your hand before.

6.Next step is to make sure you conceal with the right tools.Some like to just use their hands but I find brushes or sponges can really add that special something to the finish.Here are two of my essential brush picks:
Currently you can only purchase this brush in sets but even if you buy it just for the brush,I personally think it's completely worth it!To me it's like a miniture sized expert face brush because of the shape and the way it buffs concealer into skin flawlessly.

Flat concealer brush
I picked this up in a set from Aldi over a year ago...(yah i know aha)as crazy as it sounds for £2.99 along with three other brushes.I don't tend to use it but I do so when I'm looking for a way to really get into the corners of my eyes and nose because of it's narrow shape.On blemishes it blends the makeup by moving it across skin,thus preventing people from putting on an overly thick layer I suppose.Similar ones to this can be found in Primark.

7.Apply the concealer of your choice onto the back if your hand and with a clean finger,pop a bit on your blemish then blend in after.Fabulous medium to full coverage ones firmly loved by me include...

8.Last step would be to set the 'imperfection',in place with a light dusting of powder.There are great budget friendly powders out there specially designed to help with preventing breakouts like the Rimmel Clear Complexion powder.
Unfortunately as much as most would like,please don't expect makeup to magic the spot away since raised spots will stand out from the rest of your smooth skin as a bump in bright lighting.

Spots are awful but you must remember that they come and go,if you're self conscious about them,don't be!It's completely natural and nothing to be embarrassed about-your skin should be not define who you are.I have struggled with the bad skin blessing(well,perhaps it isn't so much of one?Aha)ever since the age of 11 and the battle isn't over yet...but I have learnt to live with it.Take the gorgeous My Pale Skin on Youtube(Em Ford)for example;acne scars,spots and those pesky zits will heal one day,it just takes a little time.Don't fret and panic if that new face wash you just bought from Boot's last week did absolutely nothing for you,but do remember that absolutely everyone(unless they're some goddess of a human*cough*highly unlikely!)will suffer from spots and scarring anywhere on their bodies' at some point in their lives.

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  1. I love the clear complexion powder! This was a really useful post, I'm going to pick up a primer on my next drugstore visit I think, i'll have to check out the Collection one☺ Leonie x

    1. I love it too although I haven't used mine in months to be honest,its such a wreck aha x

  2. Great tips!! I'm really going to try one of these products :)

    1. Thank you,thats great to hear!Let me know how you get on x

  3. Your pictures are such good quality they're so good! I love the baby skin and also I always use the Natural Collection collour corrector it's so so good! Great tips all the products look great! x


    1. Aw thank you!The colour correcter is fab and soo affordable x

    2. I have heard such great things about most of these products, and I'm going to go out and buy some of these next time I'm shopping!
      Thank you for sharing your routine and tips, they're very helpful to someone like me who has little idea on the way of makeup and such!
      Have a great day, lovely post!
      Chloe x :)

    3. Awesome,they all work amazingly in my opinion.I'm so glad to hear you liked these tips(I'm no expert tbh but I'm always happy to share) xx

  4. Great post! I have a very oily skin and these products are mostly the once I use ^^ x

    1. Thank you,oily skins such a nightmare but I heard that those who do get less wrinkles so its not all that bad hehe x

  5. These are all great tips, I have quite a few acne scars that I try to cover up. I've been meaning to try colour correction, but haven't got around to it yet ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

    1. You should give it a go sometime,you can find really affordable ones by MUA other than from the brand I mentioned x

  6. Great post! Oh my gosh I would so love to go back to having a beautiful baby face haha xx

  7. Lovely post! I will try some of these products out the next time I have a breakout! X


  8. Love your blog post! Keep up the great work! <3

  9. This is a very useful post, as I have quite a few scars down the side of my face!
    Amy x