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GUEST POST:Revisiting the Best Summer 2017 Fashion Trends!

Hello everyone,
I am so happy to be able to share my first guest post with you all!A fashion blogger names Suzy contacted me a while ago asking if she could perhaps be featured on my blog and of course I had to say yes...after all,one of the things I love more than anything is to help other fellow bloggers grow their platforms and see them be happy in what they feel comfortable in doing.If you enjoy this post please be sure to her check out because she really deserves it(writing high quality posts for other blogs to help spread the word about your own can be fun but tedious work).

Well, fashion for summer is always fun. You have more colours, cuts, shapes and styles, and there are endless ideas that can be used in different ways to suit your personal statement. Nevertheless, you should also keep a check on the trending ideas for the current year, which gives more room to shop for new things for the closet. In this post, we have handpicked the best summer 2017 trends for you!

One cold shoulder: The ‘cold shoulder’ trend ruled the ramp last year, and there were quite a few options in the designs, which replaced the off-shoulder ideas. This year, you have the same cold shoulder but for one side of the outfit. The trend may seem like an extension of the previous trend, but it worked big time. You can try dresses in a number of cuts, but make sure to avoid too many neckpieces and accessories. Let your collarbone flash and you are good to go!
Anklets for the girl: Love accessories but are bored of tassel earrings and those wired chokers? Anklets have been trending this season, and you can pull off many ideas. In fact, a simple anklet can be a great way to add charm to an otherwise ordinary outfit. When paired with wedges or high heels, anklets look stunning, especially for semi-formal occasions. For the minimalistic girl, this is the perfect pick in accessories, and you will find incredible ideas. In fact, how about designing a DIY anklet?
Pink is the new red: Love red and those bright colours for summer? You can safely replace them with pink this season. Pink emerged as one of the most used colours of the season, and summer 2017 collections had a lot of options, right from the neon ones to specific pastel and softer pinks. Look for a complete maxi dress, or go for something that’s floral yet simple – The choice is yours. Pink, especially fuchsia and blushed shades will keep coming back, time and again. Team a summer short dress with a nice pair of white sneakers for that flawless date look for the day.
Show it off: Sheer clothing and outfits were one of the main highlights of spring 2017. If you love wearing bra tops (one of the other trends of the year) and simple shorts, a nice sheer shrug can be a good addition. Sheer outfits are edgy and effective at the same time, and you can show off those perfect curves, without showing anything at all. You will find simpler and cheaper choices on online stores, but in case you want to get a special colour, just get the material and talk to a local boutique.

Just in case you liked this post, feel free to follow this blog for more. I hope to write again for the awesome readers here - Until then, stay in style!

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Author: Suzy Walsh is a fashion blogger and an expert on trends. Besides working with other blogs and portals as a guest author, she is mainly associated with the House Of Elegance Fashion as the chief editor.


  1. I love pink, and it can look so nice when an outfit has sheer floaty arms x

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    1. Pink is one of my favourite colours!I especially can't get enough of adding pastel pink into my wardrobe x

  3. I love cold shoulders and off shoulder clothes in general, it is such a fun trend! x


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