Sunday, 30 April 2017

Collection Primed & Ready powered by Witch Hazel powder and primer | REVIEW

Hello everyone,
How are you all?I hope you're all doing well!Recently I was beginning to run out of face powder and after a lot of "umming and ahhring" I settled for one by Collection.It was a hard choice because they do several but after encouragement from a friend I decided to settle on the original £2.99 ones(bargain alert!).However as you can guess that didn't happen-after rummaging around though the ones in both Superdrug and Boots we both came to the conclusion that the orangey pans of product where a bit of a put off.Even if they were £2.99 I wasn't keen on risking the orangutan look.
Sunday, 16 April 2017

My everyday makeup routine 2017

Hello everyone,
I hope you have all had a fab Easter holiday if you're in school!The weather was absolute bliss and it was really nice spending time with friends and family without stressing out as much about homework or revision.
Sunday, 2 April 2017

My top 5 prom makeup looks(with disastrous looks to avoid from the past)

Hello everyone,
If you're in high school,in Year 11 and stressed out to the max then you will know that prom season is just months away and looming over your shoulder.For the first time in your life(I'm guessing at least anyway aha)you will be dolled up in stunning makeup and a spectacular not-your-average other words you will be expected to look as if you could be a 6 foot tall and a world renowned actress about to attend a awards ceremony.Sound about right?