About me

Hello,so you want to know more about me?Well I don't know what bought you here but I'm just a teenager based in the UK who is currently studying for their GCSEs.Blogging allows me to take some time off from it all and escape the world into a place where I can express my interests and thoughts freely.

I was inspired to begin blogging when I got into watching Zoella and Tanya Burr,who I marveled over constantly till I thought why not?In 2014,the blog you're currently reading was was a little corner in the huge web entirely dedicated to all my interests-makeup,fashion,photography,writing and my thoughts. I've now been blogging for two years and my followers are what motivate me to carry on doing what I love! 

I post at least once fortnight on a Sunday at 10 AM(GMT).

Thanks for the vist! Much love,