Sunday, 25 June 2017

The £6 something lipliner and lipstick combo I can't get enough of!

Hello everyone,
Is it just me or are liquid lipsticks a bit of a hassle to apply?Don't get me wrong because I love the way they look but the careful application has since become very tiresome so recently I switched back to lipsticks.You can top them up as quick as light without a mirror and there's no time limit which means once it's set you can't wipe off any mistakes.
Sunday, 4 June 2017

10 things about being a teen every girl can relate to

Hello everyone,
So you've checked off the days where mum walked you to school,zero responsibilities where hanging on your shoulders and life in general was great but what now? waltzed teenagehood.Congrats I suppose,you made it.

The thing is you see,I have a love hate relationship with it-like everything there's the good and the bad which I thought somehow would be a good idea to share because man,it would be a shame not to.Its several years in everyone's life where huge physical changes get made,responsibilities get made and emotional changes get made.*shivers*Yup it's one scary time that I'm sure every person can somehow relate to.