Sunday, 30 October 2016

4 product makeup look challenge

Hello everyone,
I love a good challenge...especially a makeup related one!So today I shall be bringing you a natural,everyday makeup look using just four products(yes babe,you heard right).

Multitasking products is super useful!For an instance it can be great for those starting out in makeup and perhaps don't have a "good enough collection",on a budget or travelling.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Benefit minis:The Collection so far

Hello everyone,
As a teenager who can't really afford a lot of high end or even just premium makeup but desperately wants to,minis are a godsend!Not only are they way more affordable and within pocket money price ranges("Err why don't you save up?"Bruh...with the latest magazine shouting your name plus Youtube merch who can resist spending a couple of pounds here and there?)but they offer a way to give products a go before you finally decide to purchase the full sized version and they're also exquisitely travel friendly.Lastly,just look at them-aren't they adorable?