Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Last minute under £20 christmas gift guide 2016//COLLAB WITH IMABEAUTYADDICT

Hello everyone,
Christmas is in 4 days and of course there's always a few of us who 'apparently' accidentally leave it to last minute so here I've compiled a under £20 budget gift guide for all the special girlies you might want to treat this year.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

My top three under-eye concealers(drugstore)//COLLAB WITH PRETTYRAINCLOUDS

Hello everyone,
We've all been there with late nights.You might have spent a fabulous,fun filled night partying or a boring day studying away into oblivion then wake up the next morning with hideous and dark 5 o'clock shadows accompanying your face.Sadly sweetie,you know it ain't pretty because dark circles can just make people appear unhealthy*sad face* and err not so radiant and happy as usual-however we all know about the magic of makeup right?

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Makeup obsessed?Why YOU should go makeup free more often

Hello everyone,
Have you ever had an "ughh" moment with makeup?Well this is the post where you lil' makeup addicts out there will learn about the fabulous reasons why the war paint should be put down and given a rest.

Unfortunately,in this day and age with social media like Instagram giving us unrealistic expectations I suppose we all have to admit that the pressure to look good 24/7 has become the norm.Afterall,who doesn't like a good selfie?Those perfected cheekbones look bomb,gotta get that them brows on fleek and ohh those 90's lips:love,love,love!However,is it all that really necessary for a trip down the shops and a lazy day at home?Eh not really and the scary thing is that some of us forget this.
Sunday, 4 December 2016

My fear of growing up

Hello everyone,
When I was three I thought that adulthood was a world away but today in 2016 my worst fears have come TRUE...well almost anyway.I'm not quite an adult yet but soon will get the taste of that life which to be honest is a mix of emotions-excitement,shock,worry you name it its all there!

My fear I'd say is the biggest concern because it's such a huge leap into the unknown,in the space of a day(my birthday)I'll get the rights to sign everything myself,get a job amongst many other things.