Sunday, 15 May 2016

DIY:Honey and cinnamon facemask(for oily/acne prone skin)

Hello everyone,
I rarely slather liquid that you leave on your face for 10-20 minutes so I suppose you could say facemasks tend to be a treat for me once in a while.However,when I do decide to go the extra mile to pamper my skin my favourite DIY mask to make is a honey and cinnamon one which I've decide to share with you all today.

The ultimate spot blasting mask is quick and simple meaning even the laziest can "do it yourself."In fact the most difficult step is of making this mask is probably mixing it together if I'm honest!
1.First plop two teaspoons of honey into a bowl,try and use raw or manuka if possible for the full benefits because the cheaper stuff tend to be processed and usually won't actually offer any actual 'good stuff' since the majority of the enzymes and nutrients would've been lost in the process of making it(for example;the anti-inflammatory,antibacterial & antiseptic).

2.Next add in one teaspoon of cinnamon and mix the ingredients together.Cinnamon is a great at naturally providing anti-bacterial properties and also being tough on pesky and unwanted spots by drying them out so they can go away quicker.
3.If you wish to,squeeze in a small splash of lemon juice but be careful not to add in too much because otherwise you will end up diluting the honey which won't end well since the mask will just end up quite literally being a waterfall dribbling down your neck and 'nice' top.As well as giving you a possible crusty face by over drying it out because it was too harsh-yeah you don't want to be in that situation do you?

The lemon's purpose would be to fade discoloration(fab for those with acne scars),brighten skin and shrink plus tighten pores.

4.Then give the mask a one last good thorough mix and go straight into applying a thick layer,carefully avoiding sensitive areas like your eyes and mouth.You can use your fingers but if you have an old unwanted flat foundation brush you may want to use it because it can get pretty messy and sticky.
5.Leave the mask to do its magic for at least 10 minutes before washing it off gently,not rigorously in upward circular motions with warm water.The cinnamon should also give off an exfoliating effect,revealing a brand new layer of gorgeous soft,pampered skin.

If you like the mask and it the sound of it's benefits,use this mask no more than once a week at the most.

Note:Those with sensitive skin should test the mask on a small patch of skin before applying as a precaution.

♥ Daisy Petals ♥


  1. This looks and sounds amazing!

    I have been loving eating cinnamon recently so it would be hard for me not to eat this!

    Cultivation of Jasmin

    1. Everything in it is natural so I guess why not?Haha x

  2. This looks incredible! I will have to try it sometime!
    Charlotte <3

  3. You know I have just found your blog, but I'm already a huge fan, and I definitely have to try this mask out!! x