Sunday, 22 November 2015

Affordable spot preventing skincare picks (under £5)

Hello everyone,
as we all know spots are a real pain in the butt once we first experience the effects of puberty like it or not,that can continue through to adulthood.I have considerably bad acne(definitely not the worst)that first began on my chin when I was 11,this gradually got worse when I turned 12 and huge clusters of the angry spots appeared on every inch they could possibly find on my forehead(sorry if its TMI).Ughh the pain!Everyone else had baby soft skin at the time but eventually I discovered something called face wash and a skincare routine.Within weeks it slowly got better but it has still never properly cleared up.

Since having acne my confidence has dropped although these days I like to slap a load of makeup over them to make myself feel better,like most people my age but skincare is of course so much more important.

I was inspired to do this post because my skin has been the best it has ever been these past few weeks(than I have ever remembered in the past few years I've suffered with acne!)and not everyone out there always has million of pounds stashed away in their banks to splash out on expensive skincare.Just remember before you read on though,what may work for me or your good friend Billy Bob won't always necessarily work for you-we all have different skin types.

Do please click the links to all the products I have tried,tested and would recommend if you're interested by the way.

Cleanser picks
Clean and Clear,Exfoliating daily wash £2.99
Clean and Clear,Advantage spot control daily wash £4.45
Clean and Clear,Deep action cream wash £3.49
Neutrogena,Visibly Clear pink grapefruit facial wash £4.89
Neutrogena,Visibly Clear stress control daily scrub £4.79
Witch,Witch hazel bursting beads face wash £3.99

Moisturiser picks
Neutrogena,Visably clear moisturiser £4.99
Clean and Clear,Dual action moisturiser £3.59

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  2. You should definitly do more skincare posts! :)) x

    1. Aw glad you like them,maybe I will in the future.Feel free to contact me on Instagram or something if you would like to suggest anything ;)

  3. I lived this post, I just uploaded a skincare routine

    1. Thank you,just seen your's and the post is really good :)