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Collection Primed & Ready powered by Witch Hazel powder and primer | REVIEW

Hello everyone,
How are you all?I hope you're all doing well!Recently I was beginning to run out of face powder and after a lot of "umming and ahhring" I settled for one by Collection.It was a hard choice because they do several but after encouragement from a friend I decided to settle on the original £2.99 ones(bargain alert!).However as you can guess that didn't happen-after rummaging around though the ones in both Superdrug and Boots we both came to the conclusion that the orangey pans of product where a bit of a put off.Even if they were £2.99 I wasn't keen on risking the orangutan look.
Eventually I decided on getting the relatively newly released Primed and Ready ones with witch hazel for an extra pound and not long after I went back for the primer.With the two brand new products carefully tucked away in my makeup collection draw I thought to myself "Why not do a review?".I mean like it's been a while since I've done one and they generally seem to go down pretty well.

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The packaging upon first impression for me is a "meh" to be honest.Does it scream beautiful?Boring?Unique?I don't really know. The best way to describe it I guess is that its nothing ground breaking as it's quite simple...I mean let's be honest.A matte finishing encases the whole outside emphasising the finishing look the product is meant to give and features a few words like the name then a long list of ingredients on the back.To conclude,it generally feels sturdy and everything fits well with the price tag.
On the other hand,as for the product inside(aka what really counts)I think is amazing-the liquid squeezes out with good control and all you need is a small pea sized amount for the full effect.The clear gel-like liquid is fragrance free and feels silicone based yet isn't so full on like Maybelline's version.When I glide it over my skin it instantly makes it feel ultra silky smooth and soft(also not at all sticky)which means that even buffing makeup on top of dry patches is a walk in the park because when this hero gets into action they almost disapear as if by magic.

I don't think it fills my pores properly,paticularly the very large ones by the side of my nose and cheek area but what primer 100% does?Most importantly,the primer does exactly what it says on the tin by lengthening the amount of time that my makeup stays on for and the time it takes for my skin to become an oil slick by about a couple of hours.

Get yourself to the nearest Collection makeup stand if you're looking for a primer that's perfect for those who want something which will make makeup last 5 times better,has a matte finish and won't break the bank.Lastly what's more is the fact that it contains witch hazel,an ingredient which fights off breakouts making it an ingenious way to ward off nasty suprises during a busy day.

Upon first impressions I was definitely happy to see that the packaging was thick and slightly more weighted than most traditional "affordable" powders out there.Yes,it looked cheap and didn't make me want to pick it up immediately after spotting but it does its job and is so much more compatible than the popular Rimmel Stay Matte packaging(if you have ever owned one you may know that the lid is almost as delicate as an egg shell).
Swirling in my fluffy powder brush creates a slight dust storm which means I have to blow off any loose powder that sticks onto the black rim.Although I get this with most brand new powders so it's not really a huge deal for me but if you're ever wearing nice elaborate clothing make yourself a note to be careful.

I like that again,this makeup product is fragrance free and doesn't smell of anything peculiar-it's just a finely milled powder meant to set makeup and doesn't take it upon itself to double as a perfume making it perfect for those who have perhaps sensitive skin.Instantly my makeup becomes matte when I pat the powder on but because it contains silk powder it means that your face won't transform completly into a flat two dimensional shape from your maths classes back in the day.Instead it perks up your skin a bit to give a slight illuminous finish.

Furthermore,can I just add how much I love the way it shuts?It clicks shut...soo satisfying haha.Since my skin can get a bit oily throughout the day I do like to reapply at least once throughout the day(often after about 5-6 hours)which is no problem at all,my skin just returns to the beautiful matte finish it was before and on the plus side I get to hear that lovely clicky sound again.

Would I recommend both these products you ask?Yes,yes and yes!For 9 quid all togther you can't say I can't say no because they make a terrific pair-they're like two pieces of puzzle who when put togther instantly belong.I can definitely imagine myself using the them in conjunction with each other A LOT when I'm having those bad skin days where the oil production factory never wants to end or when I'm growing a farm of confidence crushing breakouts.

Would you consider purchasing these two products?

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  1. Loved the review! And great post as always x

  2. Great post! I'm a collection concealer lover but I've never thought of trying their other products! Maybe I'll pop down to Superdrug tomorrow? xxx

    1. Their products are fab for the price,such good quality! x

  3. Great review! Definitely have factors to consider before buying these products. The price for me is a main factor for buying it but as you said, the packaging is..lacking in amazement.
    #sweetreats xx

    1. Thanks hun,its a great powder regardless though xx

  4. I love how you structure your reviews! So helpful and your photography is so pretty as always x

    Morgan //

    1. Thank you Morgan,have you seen the quality of your own photos though?Your pictures are goals!! xx