Sunday, 4 June 2017

10 things about being a teen every girl can relate to

Hello everyone,
So you've checked off the days where mum walked you to school,zero responsibilities where hanging on your shoulders and life in general was great but what now? waltzed teenagehood.Congrats I suppose,you made it.

The thing is you see,I have a love hate relationship with it-like everything there's the good and the bad which I thought somehow would be a good idea to share because man,it would be a shame not to.Its several years in everyone's life where huge physical changes get made,responsibilities get made and emotional changes get made.*shivers*Yup it's one scary time that I'm sure every person can somehow relate to.

1.Spots,spots and more spots

One day I woke up at the age of 11 and of my first changes.Apparantely that night I had acquired some new unwelcome friends on my chin who decided to hang around for a few weeks.From that day on they have continued to pay me visits which is nice but ew,they sure do know how to make an entrance.


I don't know about the rest of you but me and my friends were allowed to start going out alone by the time we got into Year 6.In the summer we were constantly at the park after school and with about 1 or 2 pounds in our pockets the local corner shop or Co-op also became one of our favourite places.Ahh those days were the best!Cheap and cheerful are my two favourite words to describe it.


A little awkward but we all go through it.Everything begins to fill out,your height dramatically increases and your voice deepens just bit to fit your adult body but worst of all,you begin pretty much bleeding out from your vajayjay each month.Hmmm yeah we girls love a bit of cramping and mad mood swings.

4.High school=more friends

Change is scary but one of the great things about being put into a bigger place with hundreds of other students is how you have the ability to meet and connect with new people.

5.Drama Llama

There's is A LOT of gossip in high school and its difficult to know what to believe.I'm in my fourth year now and so so so much has happened but I have to say,the classic "rumour" that spreads like wildfire is always the boyfriend and girlfriend thing...the minute two people get together everyone has gotta know.You'd think that this was just a primary school thing right?

6.Your individual style comes out

Everyone is different because they harness different skills,different preferences and different ideas-no two are the same.It is during your teenage years that you really find yourself and what you're like even through the smallest things like whether or not you are a scruffy handwriter and the way you dress.

Finding your own style in just about everything is exiting because it's brand new to you and and is what makes you original.

7.Homework,revision,assessments and exams on repeat

The minute you step into Year 7 all of the above never really ends and we all know how frustrating it is!Recently I had mocks and the weeks surrounding it felt as if I was drowning amongst tides of revision guides and my snazzy erasable highlighters.

What's worse is the fact that teachers and parents will be beating it into you that if you don't do well you might as well be out on the streets which of course would be a pretty bleak life.
Ah but hey all of that stress will end in 4 years time when I actually finish school (100% not long to go*cries*).


Every person will know that at the end of Year 11 prom jumps in.Its annoying having to find the perfect dress that won't look embarrassing in 25 years to come,finding the right hair look and worrying about who will do your makeup but it is also really fun at the same time going through the process.Its just like your last day in Year 6 where everyone goes round and signs your shirt but 1238904 times better since not only is it the last time you and you classmates will be together,but you get the chance to look like the best version of you.
9.The uncertainty

When you are younger everyone gets asks the question "What do you want to be when you're older?" and the answer which comes out your mouth doesn't have to be realistic but once you reach your teens you begin to understand the importance of setting a goal that you could actually achieve that doesn't involve being a famous model or Beyonce.

Being a teenager myself,I understand how difficult it is to choose a path into the right career because there's thousands of options out there that will match up to not just your skills and grades but your personality.At the moment I am incredibly torn between doing what I want and listening to what all my friends and family say...ugh it's just so hard.

10.New chapters and beginnings

Embrace your new step in life as there won't anyone giving you a lift back to the stage again.Yes it's a brutal tornado of confusion,being scared and a brick wall seems to block you from what may happen in the future but it's the last year's of your life where 'adult' things like paying rent and buying toilet roll doesn't exist.

Could you relate to anything?Let me know your experiences in the comments below!

♥ Daisy Petals ♥


  1. Loved this post!xx
    Ellie ( xx

  2. 'The uncertainty' is so true, but there are so many great things that I loved that you mentioned too! Loved this x

    Morgan //

  3. Aha its a nightmare :D Glad you enjoyed this post xx

  4. I'm nearing the end of my teenage years and I still have those pesky spots littered all over my face!

    Lovely post!


    1. Spots are awful,I hope they begin clearing up for you soon xx

  5. I'm in year 12 so have certainly past some of the things you've mentioned but the teen years are so full of change and it's crazy to think!! xo

  6. I'm 22 and I still get spots. Being a female makes having spot free skin quite difficult.

    1. Yes thats so true one minute my skins finally clearing up to become as clear as the sky on a sunny day then once my monthly comes bam...they're back x

  7. love this list, especially #10!

  8. Can completely relate to the exams one, and the thing is that it never ends, every year those exams are your most important apparently! x

    Velvet Blush

  9. I'm impressed by the fact that you could sum up teenage years in 10 points so well! I can relate to all of these, especially "The Uncertainty" because the path we have to take has to guarantee success (doctors, layers, architects UGH!) and also every relative and person in Earth will judge you based on what you take. yikeeeeees.

    1. I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed this post my lovely xx

  10. What an amazing post... humour and seriousness all crammed into one perfect post! Seriously, well done. It's all true, some I like and some I hate.
    The way you make puberty less awkward by adding a little funny something somehow makes it less daunting... thanks xxx
    Check out my blog when you can... I am new to your blog but this is TOTALLY GOING ON MY RECOMMENDED BLOGS LIST!

    1. Aw I'm so happy to hear that you liked this post.Thank you!I will definitely be checking out your blog x

  11. I loved this post - its so relatable!!

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