Sunday, 10 January 2016

Pamper night routine

Hello everyone,
I wish everyone a good and happy start to 2016!I have planned plenty of posts for this coming year as one of new years resolutions was to post at least every other Sunday without fail(that's a minimum of 24 posts for the next 12 months).Anyway,this week I thought I would share what I personally like to do on my pamper night routine,that happens at least once every week or two depending on my mood.

The first thing that happens is I just chill for a little bit whilst on my phone for about 10 minutes.In this time I like to check my Instagram,reply to any messages and watch a few youtube videos.

After I've finished I go to my bathroom and run some warm water into my bathtub and choose what products I want to use-most days its the traditional Lush bathbomb but today I decided on using Soap and Glory's Clean on Me shower gel for some bubbles,bit of Lush's 4 in 1 Fun in pink as a bubble bar then two pieces of a fizz bar from Zoella's original range. Whilst that's going on I then quickly gather up everything like my PJ'S,fresh towels and a bathrobe etc.

Once I've done that I then proceed to apply a facemask after removing all my makeup from the day using my usual cleanser and a small amount of micellar water.However I unfortunately didn't have any with me at the time so I opted for some nose strips which I've only quite recently started using because I had one rather large blackhead that wouldn't budge even after patiently waiting for 2 entire weeks(it was beginning to to piss me off to be honest hahaha).I like to use the ones by 'T-Zone' because they work pretty well for the cheap and cheerful price tag(£3.00 a pop from Tesco!)and are much more affordable than the well known Biore ones.If I were to use a face mask it would most likely be either the Superdrug or Seventh Heaven ones in packets which I apply with an old(clean)flat foundation brush.
By the time everything mentioned above is done,the bathtub is filled with the right amount of water so I just switch off the taps and hop right in.Personally I don't really like to watch Youtube videos in the bath or anything like that since I like to just get on with it and do it all after.I also remove the facemask(or in my case a nose strip)during the bath in case you're wondering when it comes off by the way.
About 20-25 minutes later I come out and change into some pajamas.My favourite ones all time have got to be these robin printed ones from that are really fluffy and soft from Primark(Tanya Burr and Zoella also have the same exact pair which I think is pretty cool aha).

Lastly  I just relax with a book to take my mind off things and drift off into the story.I will often read on till at least half an hour with a hot drink and a small snack before the lights switch off and I head to bed.

What's one of your pamper night essentials?

 ♥ Daisy Petals ♥


  1. I loved this post! One of my essentials would have to be a good old face mask, as I try to give my skin a proper cleanse during my pamper nights!

  2. My pamper evening essential is definitely hot chocolate!

  3. I LOVE Zoella products and her books are awesome! xxxx ❤️❤️

  4. Some of my favourite LUSH products are definitley my pamper evening essentials!! ♡

  5. Great post! I always have a book and a bath xo

  6. Lovely photographs! I love to read blogs or a good book on my pamper evenings (that I don't have enough of).Xx

  7. Definitely a bath with a face mask :) x

  8. I love all of these things. I do love a good face mask though! Thats my personal essential!

  9. Great photos! A pamper night essential of mine is a Lush bath bomb!