Sunday, 12 February 2017


Hello everyone,
If you're feeling nosy then you'll probably like this post about what I like to use when I'm in the delightful shower.Why delightful?...Well first off its quick,secondly it is really refreshing and relaxing(well ish anyway-nothing beats a bath after a stressful week*rolls eyes*)and thirdly it's nice to know that you're not bathing in a pool of your own dirt,sweat and yanno,all the general gross stuff.Yah get me?

Ohh and before we get on with this post,listen up!This week I'm collabing with It's Coffee O'clock who will also be sharing all her shower time goodies so me sure you head over to her blog for a cheeky nose around about what she likes to slather on.

On my body I usually like to use The Body Shops Moringa shower gel because I got a huge bottle of it last Christmas,I like it but don't particularly lurvvee it because I much prefer fruity scents such as mango or strawberry.The smell is strong(nothing sickly though as it's in a good way)and it really clings on making it pretty long lasting which to be fair is expected because who wants to spend a hefty £20 on a 500ml bottle all for nothing...when you spend that much on a everyday necessity you know it must be darn good quality(it has to be right??).

On the other hand,when I'm not feeling the flowery scent anymore I love switching it up to a few squirts of Soap and Glory's Clean on Me shower gel.The rich,grown up and girly notes leave me feeling amazing and my skin loves it just as much as my sense of smell!The shower gel makes my skin practically baby soft everytime.

To apply it all I like to use my Body Body Shop bath lily.Luckily I have a whole collection of these kind of things from Christmas and birthday present sets so I'm never in fear about running out or losing one(uh oh...coming to think of it maybe people are trying to tell me I smell,ahaha I hope not).

I don't wash my hair as much as I shower because it's pretty unhealthy to wash hair more than 3 times a week and my hair doesn't get oily till Sunday rolls round each week.However when it does happen I like to use a tiny squirt of Alberto Balsom's Mandarin and Papaya shampoo along with their conditioner.The conditioner works wonders and since its a mere pound I never hesitate or debate about whether or not its acceptable to use a huge dollop-seriously,my hair could marry this stuff!

Lastly,once I've dried myself off with a soft,fluffy towel I always make sure to moisturise because let me tell you this girl ain't no fan of crusty skin!At the moment I'm using The Body Shop's Moringa body butter which offers 24 hour hydration,obviously it's just what my dry skin needs when it has to endure the painfully depressingly cold weather that defines Britain.

What shower products would you recommend?

P.S:Even though I said all the wonderful things showers in the intro including about how great they were,I still go weak at the knees when I hear the word "bath".

♥ Daisy Petals ♥


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