Sunday, 15 January 2017

January clothes sale haul(River Island,New Look,H&M +more)

Hello everyone,
This January I have been rather naughty regarding my spending...oops.Although I think it's fair to say I've earnt it(like c'mon helloo I survived another year in my life*proud feelings swoop over me*)and with sales to and fro the temptation was just way too much!

Originally I was really hoping to bag some Lush bargains and Youtuber items(i.e Tanya Burr and Zoella merch)but was unlucky with timing so none of that happened.On the other hand,clotheswise I was quite successful and was lucky enough to get in time to find things worth buying that were also within my size.

The first clothing item I bought was a gorgeous light pink jumper from H&M,which is what I believe you would call a fine knit?It's too thin to be called a top but also not thick enough to be called a jumper in my opinion.

Original price:£14.99
Sale price:£10.00 down to £7.00 at the till(one of my favourite suprises when shopping aha)

Next I headed into New Look where I everything was neatly ordered in colour order where I found a cropped dark khaki polo neck top for just three measly pounds-bargain or what?Polo necks are like a magnet to me,whenever I see one I'm instantly drawn and my heart and mind start squeaking "Buy it!You need it!You love it!",ughh is it a blessing or a curse?I'm not too sure because for one,it means I'm always wearing the same thing(just in different patterns or colours)and two,the addiction causes me to never venture out of my supposed comfort zone.

Original price:£8.99
Sale price:£3.00

After seeing Grace Foley who I adore(from the Youtube channel Grace and Grace)sporting stylish and girly frilly blouses and tops I soon realised it was something I wanted needed to try out so when I spied this gem hidden amongst the rails of clothes I was very pleased!This top is perfect for every season apart from summer I reckon and is super cute.
From the Cameo Rose collection
Original Price:£22.99
Sale Price:£11.00

Afterwards,River Island was up next on my list where I found a white off the shoulder top with long sleeves and a frilly-ish overhanging matierial.I simply adore this and can't wait to wear it in the summer months tucked loosly into shorts or even now just with some high waisted Topshop jeans.
Original price:£28.00
Sale price:£12.00

Lastly,this purchase was kind of odd and you're probably spinning with suprise but basically my Grandma took me and my brother out shopping as our Christmas present so obviously I had to follow them into other places I wouldn't usually go and that place was where we just so happened to find some jogging bottoms.Yup not just any however!These where in the boys section where all the children's clothes were in M&S and despite them not being marketed for those our age and gender,we both thought why not just go for it?They are comfy af,with the best fleecy inside and make us feel like we're on cloud nine whilst we lounge around like a blob at home.
Original price:£11.00
Sale price:£8.00

Amount spent without savings:£85.97
Amount spent with savings:£44.00
*drumrole please!*
Amount saved:£41.97
♥ Daisy Petals ♥


  1. Lovely post and can't go wrong with polo necks, haha! Xx

  2. Thanks for sharing :)

    anyway, wanna follow each other? (GFC and on instagram if you want). Follow me, let me know on my blog and I follow you :)

  3. That jumper is gorgeous, I need to get my butt down to H&M ASAP!

    Check out my recent?

    Alice x

    1. I'm obsessed with the colour and will do asap x