Sunday, 12 March 2017

My affordable everyday eyebrow routine//COLLAB WITH ISABELLE AMY

Hello everyone,
Brows,brows,brows eh?Well there is no denying how important they have become to everyone!Since Cara Delevingne bursted onto the scenes(I'm 90% sure it was her?)we've all been utterly and totally obsessed with them with 2016 probably being the height of the 'perfect eyebrow' trend.

I like the power brow but I have never been a huge die hard fan of them to be honest with you guys,I saw many girls at school trying to emulate the popular look but it just looked completly alien on their faces.The over drawn on brows would completely take over their overall appearance so forgive me for being glad to witness the trend dying down.

Instead,my signature eyebrow look is neatly defined and natural but most importantly affordable.Read on to find out what I like to use in order to achieve this look:

Step 1:Shaping 
I try to go by my natural shape although before I started plucking them they were a bit of a disaster(in other words I was a proud owner of a slight mono brow-wahayyy).

Naturally my eyebrows are straight but with a slight arch,I like to keep my eyebrows straight as it gives a more youthful and 'sweet' appearance so I tend to pluck the stray hairs at the bottom before moving onto the area above.At the top I pluck all the little hairs which contribute to the 'ungroomed' look paying particular attention to the ends where the hairs never end naturally with a thin point.Here is a photo taken from Google to help you all visualise my eyebrows better: 
In between soft arch and straight 
In order to pluck my eyebrows I like to use these polka-dot ones which were a pound for two from Primark(bargain or what?!).I spied some copper ones for the exact same price so if I have the time I may just have to treat myself to an upgrade hehe.
Step 2:Get products ready
The way to go for me personally?Dun dun dunn...Brow powders!Natural,buildable and blendable=the perfect match.Several months ago I headed into Superdrug and walked out with Collection's eyebrow kit in brunette firmly nestled into my hands,it was £3.99 and had extremely positive reviews from the Youtube community and bloggers.Nothing could go wrong.

Fortunately for me those reviews were true to speak and I'm 100% obsessed with it still today,it has lasted forever and for the price(£3.99 may I add again)it is pretty amazing.For the four quid you spend you spend you get a relatively decent double ended applicator,2ml of clear brow gel and three 1g brow powders which can double as eyeshadow.Everything about this kit screams travel and purse friendly!

Step 3:Fill in eyebrows
I received the Real Techniques beginner eye set last Christmas and in it was a brow brush,it's not got any fancy packaging but it does the job and I couldn't be anymore happy with it.All I do is gently dab my brush into the middle shade dark brown shade of the kit and then tap of any excess,afterwards I go straight in and I gently sweep it across my brows starting from the middle and working my way to the tip.Next I simply just brush the remainders onto the front half.
Step 4:Brush out excess
It's huge no from me for the block/capillar look which means in comes the spoolie.This gets used to brush out the front parts after filling in my eyebrows in order to create a gradual fade.Sometimes I lightly brush the ends too if they are too harsh for my liking as well.
Step 5:Set into place
Eyebrows flying all over the place?Nah not a chance when brow gels got your back.The clear one which come with the pack is amazing and lasts all day,I will admit that it does make the hairs feel a bit glued down when you touch them but I guess that's the whole point.None of the tight super crusty nonsense can be felt after applying.
On the other hand if I ever feel I want some extra 'oomph' then I know I can always rely on my favourite tinted Benefit Gimmie Brow!I won't go into great detail about it but it's really worth a try if you have the money as I'be tried several drugstore alternatives but none have ever beat the original.

Step 6:Clean up
Being clumsy,its easy for me to go over edges for example and cotton buds are the perfect solution to that.Despite being cheap and cheerful they're extremely effective and add that special finishing touch.
This post was a collab with one of my favourite bloggers called Isabelle,I have been really loving her blogposts recently and I would be honoured to encourage you guys to check her out because I think she definitely deserves more recognition!

Blogpost(her own brow routine)//

Whats your go-to brow product?Would you ever consider giving this kit a try?

♥ Daisy Petals ♥


  1. Loved this post!

  2. Great post and some great tips you shared! I have been so lazy with my eyebrows recently, really need to get back into it!
    Grace xx

  3. Sick tips. My eyebrows are naturally upward. But you know when you get that excess hair after it? That's my eyebrows for you. But your tips,which happen to be affordable are ideal for my eyebrow makeup. Thanks for sharing.😊
    Ps: I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blogger Award. Details for the above are on my blog.

    #sweetreats xx

    1. I'm sure they look fab and even better with a bit of grooming :) Thanks for the tag hun,I shall head over to your blog soon xxx

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