Sunday, 15 October 2017

My new obsession:Culottes

Hello everyone,
Do you know what the one thing I never fail to get every winter is?A jolly wonderful cold!As I write this post I am sniffing away and sucking the life out of a honey and lemon Strepsil,with a casual 50 blankets layered on top of my fed up body JUST trying to you know...not drop down dead in the next hour or so.Its been fab-u-lous.

However,since this post isn't about how terrible it is to be ill I think that its time for me to rant on about how much I love culottes!I brought my first pair from Pull&Bear when I went to Westfield a few weekends ago with my friends using my birthday money and its fair to say that I am 100% and utterly in lurvee with them.Here is a list of the reasons why:

They are comfy AF
I am a strict jeans advocate who wears jeans,jeans,jeans like all the bloomin' time but these culottes have completely changed my opinions on them.My Topshop Joni jeans no longer take the pride and place of my maze of a wardrobe because once I slipped on these cheeky trousers over my legs,I discovered that they really weren't like walking on clouds.Nope instead I found out that my usual go-to super skinny bottom halves actually felt like super strength leg stranglers.

On the other hand,when I wear my culottes there's plenty of room for my legs to breath and the soft,cotton material will only over brush past them once in a blue moon.Basically they're like joggers but better!

They are adaptable
You want trousers to wear to a party?Check.You want trousers to wear when you're stuffing your face,all cosied up on the sofa watching Netflix?Check.You want trousers to wear on a trip out with your fam/bezzies/pet dog/boyfriend/insert person of choice?Check.Cutlouttes have it all!All you need to do a switch up the shoes(i.e lose the trainers for strappy heels for a more dressy look)and change up the top.

They suit everyone
No matter what your body shape is or how tall or short you are,these trousers will look good on anyone.If you prefer a more flattering look then go for a tighter top that perhaps is cropped to break up the overly 'relaxed' look.On the other hand,if you feel that you would rather not show too much skin for any particular reason then you could easily pair culottes with a comfy hoodie or a loose fitting jumper.
They make a nice change
Unfortunately,I think that about 90% of us girls have fallen into a style rut with jeans-denim has been in fashion for years on end which is why they make a safe choice.When was the last time we shyed away from our go-to wardrobe piece though?Culottes help to take away that viscous circle and encourage us to get more creative with our outfits.

Primark frilly cold shoulder top*discontinued* 

So those are the reasons why I have become obsessed with culottes recently.If you don't have a pair already,do you think that you would consider buying a pair now?


  1. They look like the most comfortable pair of trousers in the world! x

  2. I love Culottes too, they are so comfy and look good too! This outfit it so pretty!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  3. Stunning fit - suits you so well and looks incredible and the same time as being comfy! x Honey and lemon strepsils are my faves - get well soon hun! x
    Marina xx

    1. Thank my lovely!Its all cleared up now (thank goodness aha) xx

  4. I need to get myself some culottes! They look so comfy and that's what I am all about x

  5. Don't worry I'm a jeans, jeans jeans kinda girl too so it's soo nice to see that there are other alternatives which are comfier. I have got some culotte styled jumpsuits which I love. Love how you've styled them
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

    1. Glad to see that I'm not the only one hehe.That sounds so nice as I've actually been lusting after one in Quiz although I have no where to wear it to so I've had to refrain myself from making the purchase xx

  6. These culottes are so pretty and classic. I have been looking for black simple ones, but for some reason I can find any in Finland!

    Heidi ✨ | Heidi’s Planner

    1. Thats such a shame,have you tried finding some online? x