Sunday, 24 September 2017

16 things that I've learnt in 16 years

Hello everyone,
It was my sweet 16 this month and I still can't quite believe it.I'M 16!!I'm in utter shock.Where has the time gone?Those days of being a lil' peanut,baby,toddler,child and preteen ended almost three years ago which isn't decades long but to know that it's officially over is very,very peculiar.

Everyone knows that they will grow up at some point but the speed at which you do,creeps up and taps you on the shoulder by suprise.Sometimes,it still feels like a year ago when everything just 'had to be' High School Musical;bedsheets,pajamas,cushions etc.Sometimes,it still feels like last month where I would rush home from school just to watch MI High,Blue Peter and Tracy Beaker Returns.Sometimes,it still feels like last week where I would Skype my mates non-stop because video calling was the 'thing' back in 2012.But I know it's not true...the reality is that last year I was crying about my spots,last month I was teasing my friend about her first longer-than-a-week boyfriend and last week I was sat in class doing GCSE style exam questions.All these memories have cemented me together to have built me into what I am today and oh my,they have taught me so much about life.I know I'm not as wise as your Grandmother,your Aunt or your Father but I wanted to share what I have learnt so far over the course of my 16 year journey.

1.Not everyone will like you
It's hard at first but throughout your time you will have of met at least one person who doesn't take a shine to you but it's fine.Over the years I have learnt to deal with it and not dwell on the problem because we are all unique and sometimes this causes people to clash as we all prefer different qualities in a person.

2.Take the first step forward
When I was younger I would always let other people come to me but I've noticed that when you have the confidence it makes all the difference.Walk up to people,smile and make conversation with them!It doesn't hurt and throwing yourself out there encourages you to join a new crowd of friends.

3.Capture your memories
A long time ago,there was a period where I would erupt like a volcano from sweat at the thought of a picture because yikes...I thought I looked hideous and embarrassing.On the other hand,these days pictures are no biggie and I love how photos are like a key to a door for a memory locked in your brain when you look back.
This is why I'm ever so grateful that Olixar sent me a camera lens kit that I can easily slip into my bag in a sturdy,protective case ready to be taken out and to clip onto my phone.Anyways*rolls eyes*,my phone is practically surgically attached to me these days so theres no chance that these bad boys won't be in use at all times.

4.Walk with confidence
I'm a naturally shy and reserved person who listens rather than talks but I've noticed that this past year or so I've slowly but surely come out of my shell.A few years ago I would speak so quietly that you'd have to have of probably shoved a megaphone in front of my mouth just to hear me but now I learnt a lot of tips and tricks to overcome my shyness.One of the biggest ones that helped was to fake it till you make it...yass it really does work!
My growth in confidence has meant that I have had more opportunities to do things that I never thought that I would want to do and I'v made so many more friends,which to me is incredible.

5.Pick your friends wisely
Unlike your family,your friends can be chosen and they should be the ones who you can not only joke around with but have deep,meaningful conversations which maybe you don't want to talk about with your family.If you can't do that with a friend,are they really your friend?

6.No family is perfect
When I was younger(forgive me for saying this),I would question why I wasn't in so and so's family because yanno at least they were normal.However,they probably weren't really-beneath their pearly white smiles lay hidden problems which are personal to them only.I struggled with my family at a very young age because it was so dynamic and complicated at the beginning but today,I understand why people have the need to argue and I'm so grateful that my parents worked hard to pave over the cracks.

7.Don't take anything for granted
You'll thank me later*flips hair*.

8.Spend time with your Grandparents
When you're young,your Grandparents may sound boring but when you grow up you realise how they have so many interesting things to teach you about.When you've walked the earth for decades and decades you experience the most fascinating events and I love watching smiles spread across their faces when they reccount their happy memories to me.Take what they have to say in and cherish their memory as your's because one day they won't be there to share it with you.

9.Make the most of everything
Hmm,ironic really considering my last point oops.Anyway I can't stress this over used life lesson enough!Take part in what you can and enjoy it because life is too short to have regrets.Yah got that?

10.Quiters not welcome
No one is a robot who can be perfect in every way,shape or form but if you want to improve on something like your artwork then keep percerviering.That is what life makes fun-it challenges and encourages you to grow into someone stuck on level one in a game to someone having a ball on level a hundred...but it's all up to you to make the decision.Along the way of whatever you are doing and want to improve on,you will keep on learning new tips and tricks and in a few months you'll be swimming in skills.

11.Think,test and try before you buy
Quite literally.Honestly,I can't even count on my fingers the amount of times that I've picked up an item and realised that ermm no it doesn't fit like a glove.Other times I'm faced with the problem that I an item is either dodgy or I didn't read my reviews beforehand and I've ended up picking a out a rubbish product.

12.Be organised
*plays heavenly music* Gurlll,this is the best trick you'll ever encounter in life!Use your time wisely because there isn't always enough time in a day to get what you need finished.Staying on top of what you need to do will ensure that your week goes by as stress free as possible and that you'll get enough zzz,fun and enough work done.

13.Don't compare
Although you could argue that it's a great motivation technique,this is such a harmful tool that can really mess with your feelings.When you compare yourself to others you will have set a goal but just remember that it's not your destination to reach,go by what YOU want to achieve and the skills that YOU have.Love yourself and be proud of what YOU have to offer.

14.Try new things
Is there a new trend you want to try?Did you want to join that new yoga class down at the gym?Whatever catches your eye,go ahead and leap into a new world because you may love the spice up to your life!Don't leave it till its too late!What if I don't end up enjoying it?Well then.Be happy that you've taken the initiative to give it a go and have of tried it as now you would have of learnt something new.

15.Be kind to everyone
After all we are all human,I know it's in our nature to sometimes gossip(c'mon we've all b*tched about the crazy teacher or the rude stranger)but just remember that just like us,they also have feelings and an ego.Try and be friendly with everyone and be positive no matter the circumstance.

16.Stay positive and happy as much as possible
Wake up and smell the sunshine as they like to say haha.Keep smiling and do what makes you happy-don't let others drag you down.

Could you relate to anything?

I would like to thank everyone who has made this year in my life so special,I love you all so much
*Olixar very kindly sent me the phone accessories featured as PR samples.However all opinions are 100% my own and I would never promote products which I did not genuinely love


  1. Happy belated birthday!🎉🎉 I agree with so many of these, especially how time flies by. This makes me so excited to be 16 (in 6 months🙊). Lovely post as always💗 xx

  2. I love this post! I really wish I had been capturing as many memories as I can from your age.. Of course I have photos, but not all ones that I would have wanted to document!

    1. Thank you so much,I guess its never too late to start hehe x

  3. I agree with you on every single one of these! I hope you had a great birthday! X


  4. Great post! Loving the positivity too - followed you on Bloglovin'!

    Anika xo |

    1. Aw I really appreciate your kind words,thanks so much!I followed your blog back(I'm in love with your posts already aha) :) x

  5. I've been reading this and nodding my head along to all of them, so true!! x

  6. Great advice! I'll definitely take it. Since I first begun secondary school,I have learnt SO many life lessons and most of the above,actually.😀

    #sweetreats xx

    1. Thank you so much,thats so cool aha.Good luck for the rest of your high school 'adventure' xx

  7. All of this 16 things are really awesome. I like all of this. I think makeup is also an important part of 16 years girls life. So I love to use makeups & my Liquid Matte Lipstick everyday. I can't imagine a single day without my makeups.

    1. I totally agree!Lots of girls begin at this stage and you learn so much as you keep practicing.Liquid lipsticks are amazing x