Thursday, 22 October 2015

Tanya Burr,Fairytale eyeshadow pallette|Review //COLLAB WITH FL0RAL EMILYx

Hello everyone,
Guess what I got?...A Tanya Burr eye shadow palette!Eeekk I'm one lucky girl haha.It was my birthday a few weeks ago and these were one of the gifts I got.Also,before you read anymore I would appreciate if you clicked both these links: / and gave Emily a follow on both her really lovely blog and Instagram!Her latest post a skincare routine.

Now if you don't know who Tanya Burr is,then she is a well known beauty guru on Youtube with over 3 million subscribers that she well and truly deserves.Tanya also married quite recently not long after the relaunch of her makeup line to the brother Jim(also a fellow youtuber),of Real techniques makeup brush creators and makeup artists Sam and Nick Chapman.If you want to know more,click this link to her channel:
The packaging is pretty girly,which I get the impression off from the metallic pink,hearts and scalloped edging.Personally,I think it would appeal more to her younger audiences but others just as well I guess.The lid which is magnetic, open and closes well which is a good sign that the eyeshadow pigments inside won't go everywhere by 'accident' in your makeup bag.The only downside I have about the packaging is that its cardboard so it isn't so convenient if you want to put it in your bag during on-the-go cases without it getting a bit tatty but then again,if it was plastic then perhaps it wouldn't be so affordable(a reasonable £6).

On the back,all it has are quite useful instructions and suggestions from Tanya Burr herself on ways to apply it and just your standard writing about discontinuing use if irritation occurs and the usual boring stuff.

When you open it,you're presented by a handy heart shaped mirror and of course the four basic quad eyeshadows consisting of:cream tea,velvet cushion, alohmora and witches cat.I actually think the eyeshadows look like the ones you would find in the high-end Naked pallets by Urban Decay(which are a costly 23.00 or more)so if anyone is looking for an alternative,then these are ones I would possibly suggest.

Firstly,I applied cream tea all over my eyelids then with my ring finger and I dabbed velvet cushion into my crease and blended it it in.Afterwards,I defined my lash line with witches cat with a wet angled liner brush.The eyeshadows were very pigmented and applied the complete opposite to chalky,which I guess the majority of people would be glad to hear.The eyeshadows lasted all day,were easy to remove when I used my 'Garnier Micellar water' and no faults could be picked out.

Overall,I think the eyeshadow pallette costing just a measly £6 for four outstanding quality wearable eyeshadows,that is in a travel friendly size(making it versatile)is totally worth the money.Anyone thinking about buying this are looking the right way! 

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  1. I loved doing a collab with you! I have that palette and Its so gorgeous! Plus your blog is great. Emilyy x

    1. Thank you,I loved collabing with you too and yes isn't it just? :)

  2. This palette looks so good!

    1. You'd be just as pleased when you try it hehe x