Sunday, 2 April 2017

My top 5 prom makeup looks(with disastrous looks to avoid from the past)

Hello everyone,
If you're in high school,in Year 11 and stressed out to the max then you will know that prom season is just months away and looming over your shoulder.For the first time in your life(I'm guessing at least anyway aha)you will be dolled up in stunning makeup and a spectacular not-your-average other words you will be expected to look as if you could be a 6 foot tall and a world renowned actress about to attend a awards ceremony.Sound about right?
However what if you don't know how to get the preparation started?Makeup to me is something that will complete your gorgeous outfit and really add that special touch-without it,your overall look would be like a loose thread not tied together so here I have composed my top five makeup looks you NEED to consider:

For the girl all about natural

The bright and colourful lover

The smoky goddess

Something quick,easy and convenient(no makeup,makeup)

Vampy Glam

In addition you lucky buggers will also get to see pictures I scrounged off Google(man I love this thing lol)of unfortunate prom disasters that you should err pretty please avoid...
Image result for prom fails

Image result for prom fails
Image result for prom fails
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For anyone who has not decided on a outfit yet may I perhaps introduce you to The Black Tux?

This company specialises in prom and occasion wear so let any doubts go out the window because these guys certainly will know their stuff.Want a smart suit?No worries,with a few clicks The Black Tux have got your dashing prince covered for the night!

Even better(yes it gets cooler)what I love about them is the fact that you can 'rent' items instead of straight up purchasing them as you traditionally would so that valuable space in the wardobe can be saved for clothing you know that you will wear over and over again.Afterall,how often will anyone stroll out the door in a tuxedo and freshly polished shoes?Personally I would guess not very often which is why renting from The Black Tux would be reasonable and convenient.

Are you going to prom this year?If so then I wish you all the best time ever!Let me know if you would follow any of these fantastic tutorials yourself.

♥ Daisy Petals ♥


  1. Yasss, Nikkie gives me LIFE, I love that girl xx and ouch, some of those outfits are hideous and the guys are RED! Loved this post so much girly x
    Lots of love,
    Marina Rosie xx

    1. Ayy me too*high fives*.Yes they definitely overdid the spray tan or sunbed haha.Thanks for reading hun xx

  2. It makes me feel so old that they do prom here in year 11 now haha. Those prom disaster photos are hilarious!

    Amy -

  3. I enjoyed reading (and watching) this. The disaster Photos made me scream! :)
    I'm glad my prom is over, so I don't have to worry anymore haha! xoxo Sabrina

    1. Yes the photos are pretty horrendous lol :D Thanks for reading x