Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Would you rather tag

Hello everyone, 
I've realised I haven't posted for several weeks...oops.Basically I was hoping post like twice a week over the holidays because I had plenty more time but of course that plan failed.Rather annoyingly I suppose I let myself get lazy,so I really do apologise. x

I have several half written and planned posts(pamper routine,back to school makeup,whats in my school bag etc)so they should be coming very soon,rest assured guys.

Anyway lets get on to the most exciting part of the post *squeals* the tag!

Would you rather...
1.Go out with messy hair and nice makeup/nice hair and no makeup? 
Nice hair and no makeup.Makeup isn't a nessesity for many others so why should it be for me?

2.Shave your eyebrows(who an earth does that though)/have your eyelashes fall out?  
Eyelashes fall out for sure,I would look like an alien otherwise with no eyebrows and it would be so much more noticeable haha.Also I guess it would give me the chance to try out false eyelashes.

3.Be forced to shop at only MAC/Sephora for the rest of your life?
Umm,probably MAC because we don't have any Sephoras in the UK.But if I were in America,then Sephora because you could try a whole variety of brands(not that I don't like MAC).

4.Lipgloss and lip liner look/80's perm?
Lipgloss and eyeliner look all the way.No way would I ever be able to pull of an 80s perm especially considering we're in 2015.

5.Obvious foundation line/overdone blush?
Maybe an obvious foundation line...

6.Mc hammer pants/biker shorts?
Had to google what these items of clothing looked like and my answer is biker shorts.If I wore Mc hammer pants I would would 5× more out of place.

7.Bad orange-y spray tan/weird tan line that can't be covered? 
This ones pretty hard but I think I will go for a weird tan line(comment what you would pick).

8.Bad haircut/bad hair colour? 
Haircut but I guess both could be hid in a hat.

9.Youtube/Twitter taken away forever? 
Since I don't have a Twitter and rarely go on it,therefor I would without doubt choose that over YouTube(YT is basically my life).

10.Give up makeup brushes/mascara? 
Mascara since my eyelashes are quite short anyway and it doesn't really make much difference when I wear it in my opinion. 

♥ Daisy Petals ♥


  1. Have to agree on the foundation line one with you aha, no way would I be sent with overdone blush.