Sunday, 29 November 2015

November favourites 2015

Hello everyone, 
I can't quite honestly believe its already the end of November and judging by how fast times already gone theres not long till 2016!This month I have been trying out and absolutely loving these products that I have been buzzing to share with you all.
The first thing I have enjoyed using is the Benefit They're Real tinted eyelash primer.I don't believe this is out yet till next year but I would totally recommend buying it when it does-or even better get it free with the ELLE Decemember 2015 issue.This works wonders and completely transforms my short droopy eyelashes into gorgeous fluttery ones,that for once stay curled.
The second thing I have really liked is Garnier's Micellar water.I have had a bottle of this for a few months but never really bothered to use it for some reason till now and I wish I had because it works spectacularly with no problems at all.I just load a cotton pad with some on and gently wipe it over my face before properly cleansing.
My next favourite is the Baby Skin primer by Maybelline since my skin texture has been quite problematic these past few weeks so by using this I have noticed big differences in the way my makeup applies,as it helps my makeup glide over my skin instead of sticking to the dry patches.
Another thing I want to give a mention too is Zoella's Let's spritz spay,I squirt a bit on each day before I go out and it smells super good.Personally I would describe it as floral but slightly musky.
I have also found the original Bastiste dry shampoo pretty helpful lately,when I want a quick solution to refresh hair.Who wants it greasy eh?
Lastly I have been going through a ton of Reese's miniature peanut butter cups.I'm not sure how long the american treats have been in supermarkets for but it seems more and more are fast becoming widely available.I would highly take advantage of the chance because these taste incredible even though I have never been much of a peanut fan.

Sorry about the pictures by the way,I'm taking these on a different camera and never realised till I uploaded these that I took them in the wrong size.Also has anyone got any ideas on how to make all the spaces align properly?Its really bugging me and blogger really needs to sort it out. :/

♥Daisy Petals♥


  1. I also got the Benefit eyelash Primer in the ELLE magazine, and I'm really enjoying it too! Lovely post as always :) xx

    Phoebe & Abida ||

  2. I love batiste dry shampoo to! I really need to re purchase one. Really enjoyed this post��

    The Average Gurl -

    1. It definitely comes in handy at times.I'm glad to know you liked the post x

  3. I'm addicted to Reese's but never tried the minis!! Aha, Bo xo