Sunday, 8 November 2015

My autumn & winter wishlist 2015

Hello everyone,
Its currently the beginning of November which means there are 7 weeks till Christmas...*mindblown*.
I honestly don't know where all the time has gone!It's too fast to handle thats for sure hehe. 

Anyway,since its a new season meaning a chance to refresh my wardrobe,I just thought I would create a wishlist of pieces for autumn and maybe winter that I would like to buy,with some beauty products thrown in.

1.Tartan/plaid red scarf
I have wanted these types of scarves for absolutely agesss but never end up buying one for some reason so I think this year as shops stock them again,I will make it my mission to purchase one.

2.Boyfriend coat 
I eye these up online all the time,but can't seem to find them in store,anywhere.Ideally I think a camel coloured one with a detachable fur collar would be nice which I have seen on the River 
Island website however I'm not a exactly a fan of buying things without actually seeing them in person first.

3.£21.99,Starter eye makeup brush set,Real Techniques 
I don't yet own any proper good quality eye brushes at the moment so I think this 5 piece set(including a case)would seem like a worthy buy.

4.£19.99,Cropped jumper in mustard,New Look
I already own one in a dark blue-ish,almost black 
colour that I absolutely love because of the fit and coziness but it seemed silly buying two at the time so I think I may have to pop back in.

5.£36.00,Joni jeans in black,Topshop
I basically LIVE in anything high waisted and despite the hefty price tag,the quality and lifetime of the Topshop jeans are pretty impressive.My good old Primark ones look very worn and old now so win win situation I guess!

6.Ankle cut boots
I have some classic almost knee length,black real leather boots but considering I have worn them everyday of the winter months for good two years,I am a little bored not going to lie so I would really love to invest in a new style.Theres a lot to choose from so I haven't decided on any specific ones quite yet but possible choices include ankle length Timberlands(unlikely though since they cost over £100 meaning they are a massive,massive splurge)or ones with cut outs to pair with frilly socks.

7. £25.00,Tanya Burr advent calendar,Superdrug
I love watching Tanya on Youtube therefor why not?The calender contains 3 lipglosses,2 nail polishes,2 eye shimmer pots,2 fake eyelashes including adhesive,a mirror and nail files.

8.£14.99,check high waisted shorts,New Look
I first saw them in one of Floral Beautiees's hauls and fell in love.I'm not a massive fan of getting my legs out purely because I personally hate them and don't feel confident in anything that show off my legs(meaning you will often see me wearing skinny jeans the majority of the time)but these looked really nice and super cute.

What is on your list?

♥ Daisy Petals ♥