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Christmas gift guide for her 2015 //COLLAB WITH BASICALLY CHLOE

Hello everyone,
Christmas blues are now pretty much officially in full swing with just 3 weeks till the 25th-which means one of my favourite parts,Christmas gift planning(well unless you're super duper organised and have already bought everything ready)!I have put together about 15 gifts(ranging from pocket money prices to the more expensive stuff) for her that I would probably personally like to be gifted myself to help inspire you if you're a bit stuck on what to buy for that special someone.This a collab with a wonderful lifestyle blogger called Chloe who will share her own picks consisting of clothing and beauty,so click this link to her's:
You can never go wrong with good old Lush and with so much to choose from there are endless possibilities on what to get your friend or loved one that they will like best.I also would recommend buying some products separately as stocking fillers,mini present or just an extra in the gift.

YouTube books or products
YouTube has really blown up these recent years and are one the sole entertainment sources for the teenagers and young adults of this generation.There are many successful youtubers that the person you're buying a gift for probably watches who have physically created something for their viewers to buy.My top picks include Zoella's products,Tanya Burr makeup and books such as Love Tanya,Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter or perhaps the newest addition to the Girl Online books:Girl on Tour?

Soap and Glory gift set
There are lots out there ranging from the more pricier side to the affordable.One of my favourites include the Bright and Bubbly 5 piece set(including a mini sized body shower gel,body polisher,hand cream and body butter)priced at £10.00 or if you want to spend more I would choose the Glam-O-Flage makeup set costing £20.If your special someone even more important then I would splurge out on the bigger makeup set named 'Well I'll be Glammed'(£40).Boot's are always doing 3 for 2 on products throughout the store so I would highly recommend taking advantage of it,if you want to save a bit of money.

If your loved one is in to grooming their nails then I think this would be a good spend.The set comes with 5 FULL SIZED bottles of their nail polishes usually priced at £7.99 but you only have to pay £24.99(works out at around 3.00 or £4.00 each in the set-bargainnn!).

Gift cards or money
I don't think you can ever go wrong with this one,just top a gift card up with £10.00 or more and you're good to go.Or alternatively give them money,quick and simple with no fuss.Whoever you're giving it for can put it towards something they're saving up to get or buy whatever they fancy,when they want.

This set comes with 4 essential makeup brushes in a glossy,high-shine finish instead of the usual matte complete with a pouch to store them all in.It's a good bet if the person you're buying for is an avid collector of these brushes or just simply have never tried them out before but want to give them a go(the set also makes fantastic gifts for beginners!).

Ted baker,Sparkling treats mini EDT
You could probably divide the 4 up and give them to different people(which I'm debating on whether or not to do if I buy them myself)because I'd say its a not bad deal for £12.Although,if buying for one then they would make a great gift for use all year around in 2016 as each has been specifically tailored for each season.
Like Lush and Soap and Glory there's a whole range to pick from.The premium makeup brand usually prices the cutely decorated sets at around £21.00 or more with each of them containing that least 5 different products.Its a good way to introduce people to new products.
If you want to treat a very close friend or family member then I think a good quality makeup product would make a really nice present.

One of my family members gets a massive box of these every Christmas to share and they certainly aren't your average chocolate box because they are pretty expensive compared to normal ones.If you're really keen on treating whoever your buying it for to something fancy and you know that they have a bit of a sweet tooth at times then this would be really lovely.

What are you planning to get one friend or family member this Christmas? 

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