Sunday, 27 November 2016

My UPDATED skincare routine 2016 + acne progress

Hello everyone,
I thought I would do an updated skincare routine because my skin has made fab improvements and I desperately yearned to share the new products I'd bought which were down to it!

My last skincare routine:

When I start the day off,Clean and Clear's Deep Action cream wash is my best friend.It was the second ever cleanser I purchased(Simple Kind To Skin facial wash gel was my first)and now a few years later I still go all heart-eyed emoji over it since it is affordable,well suited for my skin type and effective.

To keep it quick and simple I then will finish off with a light layer of No7's essential 'day' moisturiser before applying makeup.

Ugh,this is the time when I look into my mirror and see a disco ball(one without all the glitz and glam however) skin by the time I get home from school is often covered in a layer of oil-soo not cute!Suddenly this is where my long term sweetheart of a makeup cleanser rides to my rescue,so make way and low and behold "Garnier's Micellar water".Taking a cotton pad,I will pour a few drops on before gently wiping away the majority of the makeup,dirt and grime.Instantly my face feels fresh and the pores become more breathable.

When bedtime rolls around I will head to my bathroom and pick out one of my two cleansers currently in use;choices include No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser or Clean and Clear Deep Action Cream Wash.
After clearing my skin,next comes toner which I never really used to bother with but I'm glad I picked some up one day in the shop because holeyyyy moly,the colour of that cotton pad when I'm done yikes.THAT cotton pad is no longer the purest of white but the colour which ends up taking the place is certainly a questionable shade of brownish-yellow.Anyone who suffers with spots seriously should purchase needs some of Clean and Clear's Deep Cleansing lotion in their life because the leftover cr*p lurking on skin right after cleansing is truly horrific.Lol.
Furthermore,I put some directly on a spot with a cotton bud I felt coming(strangely right after I had finished cleansing)and guess what happened?Ta da,that spot never ended up coming prompting my mini celebration over it's defeat*cackles wickedly*.

Last step of the day gets completed with some of No7's essential night moisturiser,which is similar to the day cream but much more creamy and thick. 

Acne progress
I have never really talked about my acne in great depth but it's never too late to start right?

These past few months have been great and my skin has been making tremendous progress!A few years back,my forehead would've been covered in spots but it started clearing up around at around August.

At the moment,I have just one active spot(located on my temple hidden beside my hairline)which is a rather huge deal for for because I haven't gone one day with less than 3 in a long,long time.

Sadly my face does not look flawless yet although with the way things are going I suppose if I give it a few more months,the scars and marks will clear away gradually.

Whats your favourite skincare product/brand?I'd love to know!

♥ Daisy Petals ♥


  1. I use the same Garnier Micellar Water - I love it! I think it's amazing! X

    ♡ itsjessiejane ♡

  2. Great post, i use almost all of these products... They are sooooo good!xx

  3. The hot cloth cleanser looks lovely! I swear by Pixi Glow Tonic!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

    1. It makes my skin feel amazing,you should give it a go sometime!Pixi Glow Tonic sounds really good x

  4. I use to use the clean and clear spot cream and daily face wash but was soon replaced by my beloved with hazel daily face wash by boots and the simple moisturiser. Its nice to switch up skincare as I discovered a holy grail face wash.

    Najida | The Average Gurl x

    1. Clean and Clear is my holy grail skincare brand but I may have to look into the Boots range soon if its as good as you say it is hehe <3

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