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Girl talk:Why I began wearing makeup + an exiting announcement!

Hello everyone,
Makeup has been in my life for a few years now and I have been wearing it religiously for about two years which suddenly got me thinking as I was putting it on...why did I ever start wearing it in the first place?Was it because of peer pressure,self consious thoughts,wanting to look like someone else?In this post I thought I would wind back time a bit to the preteen me and discuss with you all what made me feel the want/need to paint my face.
I began watching beauty gurus regularly when I was I about 11 and one in paticular was Zoella-she looked amazing and like every other young girl we all want to look like our favourite idols...Zoella was mine.I looked up to her hugely as if she was the big sister I never had and that's just what I did,I watched all her videos,listened to every tip and laughed along with every joke.As you can tell I thought she was awesome(and she still is!)which inspired me to want to have a go at my own looks in the future.

Top of the Pops was my no1 as a preteen-it had all the latest juicy gossip to gawp at,posters of pretty celebs and handsome boys to go red at which you could stick wherever your heart desired,hilarious embarrassing stories sent in from readers and duh,a sea of tips to take on board from beauty to fashion...girll those were the days!Where has all the time gone? :(

However let's quit with all this moping around because this point leads me onto the exiting announcement*drum roll please*I'm going to live my pre-teen's dream and actually be featured in it!This opportunity was super cool as never in a million,zillion,gazillion years did I ever imagine that someone would actually approach me over social media and ask(not just once but twice-the second time I had to turn it down aha).
It will be within a small section on the Instaglam page with a picture the editor has chosen from my Instagram and even better,there will be a selfie.To be honest the selfie situation scares me little because I've always wanted to stay anonymous as blogger but I ended up just going for it...I mean like it's not everyday that someone goes, "Hey there,yeah YOU wanna be featured on a magazine that gets distributed around England that has hundreds of readers?Oh you said no?Nevermind."

I don't know if I will openly share the page on my blog or Instagram but if you're interested it will be out either in April or May.I shall let you all know about further details nearer to the time.

Friends and classmates
When I was in Year 6 and I went swimming with my bestfriend during summer holidays and her father said these exact words, "High school will go really fast I promise!" as to which we both sniggered and giggled at,we refused to believe him.Guess what?Those words were true and high school has flown by like the speed of light and there's not one person who has not changed.

One of them changes is the fact that practically every girl begins to wear a smidge of makeup in high school and naturally you want to fit in so you too give it a cheeky go.When I started going into town with my friends we'd walk around everywhere,celebrating our new found freedom-Boot's and Superdrug was one of those places we would often hit up and since we would be free to buy what we wanted it was the perfect chance to get experimenting like a scientist in his laboratory.

I'd discovered my love for it after purchasing bits and bobs here,there and everywhere and before long I had collected up a makeup bag full.

I began breaking out one day out of the blue on my chin and before long it spread to my forehead,between my eyebrows,temples and eventually the area between my cheeks and nose.You can guess how that felt right?It was bloody awful and I became a walking pepperoni pizza(wait oops has that put you off pizza?...sorry ahaha).
My confidence swooped to an all time low and everytime someone spoke to me my mind would shatter into a million different thoughts;Are they staring at my spots?Do they think that it's discusting?Are they grossed out?My mind swirled like a dizzy funfair ride with thoughts like that on a daily basis so a slick of concealer and a quick dust of powder became my own personal shield.

Makeup is a form of art in my opinion and I have always had a bit of a creative flare so to be able to perform the task in a new way,not just by putting a pen on paper was rather quite cool.Pretty eyeshadow looks and gorgeous were lipsticks were the things which caught my eye mostly.

A little controversial?Perhaps.From a young age I always had it drilled into me by my family that in order to be respected you had to be well presented and I believe it is true.I don't know how I would feel if I ever turned up to school with greasy hair in a maze of tangles,stained uniform paired with a snotty nose but that's not to say you need makeup in order to cover it up.

To look presentable you could obviously just do the "basics" of grooming but going the extra mile when everyone else is,is kind of important if you want to "keep up".For an instance,imagine having a job interview or if you worked as a air hostess-you go dressed to impress from head to toe everytime.In a way I felt that if I didn't wear makeup I worried I would not be taken as seriously(yah a bit naff)because all typical girls apparently wear makeup.
Why did you decide to make the choice about wearing makeup?Are any of my reasons the same as your's?Let me know because it would be amazing to start off some heartfelt conversations.

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  1. Wow congratulations on getting featured :)

    Amy -

  2. so proud of you! It's such a great oppurtunity!!

  3. Congratulations, that's so cool! And these photos all look amazing ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  4. Congratulations!! That's so cool, I'm very happy for you, and lovely post as always, the photos are gorgeous!! xx

    1. Its very exiting and thanks so much,I've been trying to improve for a while now so its great to hear such nice feedback! x

  5. Congrats, that's such an amazing opportunity! And I completely agree with everything you said. I wear makeup just for fun but I know many people who like to do it to fit into the crowd or for other reasons. xx Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

  6. Congratulations lovely, I'm made up for you! Your reasons are very similar to my own actually; I love the people I watch on youtube and recreating what they do maked me happy. And I do have some spots that need a quick coverup! x Loved this post, followed your blog! x
    Lots of love,
    Marina Rosie xx

    1. Hehe thank you so much for following!Makeup has a huge positive and fun side :)

  7. Pretty photography and congratulations on your awesome opportunity to feature in a magazine! That's fantastic! AS a matter of fact, your beauty post is very interesting. I'm one who looks to research the meaning of wearing makeup in depth and reading why from your point of view is really cool, actually! Thanks so much for this post!

    Ps: You are very courageous for putting your face out there for readers to see. I respect you.

    BBB x

    1. And thank you to you too!So happy to know you liked this post xxx

  8. Congratulations on being featured in a magazine!! Cannot wait to see it.
    I started wearing makeup because of youtube too. Once I clicked on the first makeup tutorial I never looked back! :)

    1. Thanks Sarah!I don't know where I would be without Youtube and it's tips aha x

  9. CONGRATS! That's so exciting I can't wait to find out more! I think YouTube has had a big influence on me just like you said! xxx

    1. Thank you lovely,I can't wait to share it :)

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  11. Congratulations lovely, that's such an amazing achievement and opportunity! I can totally relate to some of the reasons you mentioned as they also inspired me to get into beauty/makeup and to start my own blog. I can see why they chose you because your blog is amazing!! It's always one of my faves to read. I know it's a very small chance but I hope one day my blog will turn into something more than just a hobby like yours. Keep up the good work Hun xx

    1. Awh thank you hun,you're too nice!I'm sure amazing opportunities will come your way soon just you wait and see...with the way things are going you will definitely be very successful in the future xx