Sunday, 29 October 2017

My Korean beauty wishlist

Hello everyone,
Having grown up in the UK and been surrounded with the same beauty products time and time again it's hard to not be intrigued by innovative ones across the world.Take for example trip the trip I took to Hong Kong last year...they didn't just sell popular items from household brands such as Maybelline or Bobbi Brown but there was also new,intriguing brands to those living in the west like Etude House and Tony Moly.

These brands have ideas which are new and exiting but what's more,their packaging is cute and adorable no matter the price.Sure,having everything be pink and fluffy might not be your cup of tea but it's a nice change from plasticky black and white.In this post I thought that I would share my favourite products which I like the sound of and would 100% try if yah beauty of a babe known as 'custom fees' wasn't a thing.

Lip tints 
If you are tired of smearing lipstick all over your lips every half an hour or so then this is your new best friend.Meet the lip product which will last 50% longer and would perfectly compliment any natural makeup look.

Notably,I am also really obsessed with how cute the lip fading trend is over there because for one, it's different and secondly I love how it isn't so 'in your face'.

Tony Moly Snail sheet mask
Snails?You mean the ones which slither around my garden when it rains and forms a slime trail?Yasss that's exactly what I mean!Koreans have found that snail slime has many benefits for the skin as it's packed full with nutrients like hyaluronic acid,glycoprotein and proteoglycans which help to protect skin from UV damage,infection and dryness(cool right?).

Etude House Aegyo Sal pen
Basically in other words it's a pen which is meant to acentuate the small bags under your eyes but don't get me wrong,I don't mean your eye bags!Here is what an aegyo sal is meant to look like:
Image result for aegyo sal
Get what I mean?In Asia,aegyo sals are known to make people look younger,cuter and more innocent as over there,everyone's aim is to knock a few years off their actual age rather than add on more.In my opinion,it looks adorable and since I don't have very prominent ones myself I'm really keen on just trying it one day without the expensive plastic surgery.

Unfortunately,being Asian myself has meant that I'm blessed with eyelids which don't paticularly possess much passaz.Well...when I say that I mean that I do have double eyelids but they aren't very prominent.This is why I would love to try them out for a day to see what they're like just as I would like to try out aegyo sals.

Have you seen how cute this mask looks on?You end up looking like a bloomin' adorable lil cloud!This invention is like WAY TOO COOL and if I ever get the chance to buy one an authentic Korean one 100% will.However in the mean time I shall we scraping away at the pennies to buy a pack(with two inside)of the Sanctuary versions for £5.00 in Boots(stingy?*sighs*I know but as a teen I'm extremely used to just splashing out three,two or one quid on a pack as a treat so for me,it's quite odd to spend anything more than that).

I'm still unsure about whether or not I want to pay £15.99 to try out the L'oreal one which was released months ago and is easily available from Boots/Superdrug but I am incredibly interested in cushion foundations,whether it's a gimmick or not.From what I have heard though it seems like as if it really does work.I love how it is meant to give a fresh,natural finish so I totally believe that it is exactly right up my street.

I did actually buy a tube last year when I was on holiday after a lot of bribing from the sales assistant but I wasn't sure if it really did that much for my skin.However,that is why I would very much like to try out more just to make sure that well,just maybe a miracle might happen?Then again who am I kidding...Korean people have skin as smooth as a baby's bottom so surely essence works haha.

There's no denying that I don't have the 'perfect' lips but with the rise of Kylie Jenner and her infamous lip injections I thought that I ought to start pampering my lips more haha.I'm always looking to treat myself after each long school week so something like this looks really interesting to have a go at using.

Have you seen anything from my wishlist that you would like to try out too or is there other products which you have your eye on?


  1. The lip mask is AMAZING. I use it everynight without fail and my lips have never felt better! x

  2. These products look amazing! Especially the lip mask. I wish it was easy to buy makeup from another country and test it out. Loved the post! xx

    Life As Najida xx

  3. The lip mask looks amazing!! Hope you get the chance to try it out at some point!! X

  4. The aegyo sal look is cute. I tried my friend's pen and it does make you look like a cute baby :)

  5. This is a nice collection. The ideas you shared are super cool. Would love to try some of your ideas and also use some of the accessories like earrings, necklace, and piercing. Thank you for sharing it.